Another One...

Another One...

I just ordered a few sample products from the site and some comfy clothes from Zenana. I only ordered from there cause I had store credit, which was starting to lose value. A part of me wants to say I have no idea what I'm doing but I do. I'm on to something here- just have to start SOMEWHERE. 

Progress keeps happening in stages but it's cool because it gives me time to adjust. The vision will slowly come together as I figure it all out in my head. For now, I like having a space to play with t-shirt designs and random clothing pieces. Whatever I don't sell online or on hand from the Zenana order can be sold or donated after 3 months (Ou! I like this). I like ordering from Zenana cause I can get clothes in two different sizes at once. Sue me. I get thick and bloated sometimes so having the same clothes in two different sizes is a WIN WIN for me right now.

I titled this blog 'Hella Personal' cause these posts are going to be 'test posts'. I'm not advertising or doing any marketing outside of wearing the clothes. And then whenever I randomly feel like sharing somewhere. LMAO. This is for fun. HOWEVER, I do enjoy a little order within the chaos so again, WE'RE WORKING ON SOMETHING! 

The girlies love the birth charts though. And mine said I would be good at marketing so if I get to having too much fun we gon be cooking. Cross ya fingers.

Along with the clothes, I want to have some serious businessy shit on here too but I gotta figure out how all that fits and then add it. In due time. This post might not have a picture unless I can find out how to add one later. Maybe I can add mockup pictures. Ideally, I'd be wearing merch right now and I could snap a picture on my laptop while wearing it. I am not. I'm wearing the nightgown I wore when I gave birth and I refuse. Next time. Or the time after. 


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