Hola! I'm Charle, founder of SonRai's, which is short hand for 'My son Raiden' who inspired me to start this store. When I found out I was pregnant I vowed to live a life without fears and bringing SonRai's to life is a part of that goal. SonRai's was founded by me but my sisters, family & friends play a huge part in making this possible.

The niche? SELF CARE. Self preservation. Self. Planners, journals, notebooks, self help books or comfy clothes to wear while you write in all those planners, notebooks and journals. That's the niche.

We love the EARTH & you can't spell E(ART)H so we'll have art and gardening products too!

One might say..."that's a lot?" But what in life in simple? Surely not us Beings!

Thank You for visiting and for your support as we grow..together.


-Y'all be easy. Or hard. Whichever support your current healing journey the most.